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Dupe (Magnificence Slang) | Know Your Meme


Dupe or Doop, brief for “duplicate,” is a slang time period utilized in digital make-up, magnificence and trend communities to consult with lower-priced alternate options to well-liked high-end merchandise. The phrase was popularized by make-up and trend content material creators selling cheaper alternate options to luxurious manufacturers on YouTube all through the late 2000s and 2010s, in addition to the early 2020s. In 2022, folks started utilizing the phrase “dupe” as a sarcastic solution to promote magnificence and trend alternate options. The time period “dupe” has additionally been utilized in gaming communities for the reason that 2000s to explain using bugs to create duplicates or copies of distinctive gadgets or foreign money.


The phrase “dupe” has been used to reference cheaper but comparable variations of luxurious cosmetics on YouTube since at the very least 2008, with the oldest identified video to make use of the phrase “dupe” being posted on July twenty fifth, 2008, by TheWorldsDresser, gathering over 23,000 views in 14 years (seen under, left). The make-up model MAC usually made an look in such late 2000s “dupe” lists, with YouTuber jdomakeup posting a MAC dupes video on April twentieth, 2009, gathering over 100,000 views in 13 years (seen under, proper).

Using the phrase “dupe” to consult with make-up alternate options can be traced again to magnificence and make-up boards within the late 2000s. For instance, on March twenty third, 2009, a person named Mizz.Coppertone posted a thread titled, “Drugstore MAC dupe checklist: Lips” to Specktra.com (seen under, left). On June twenty eighth, 2010, Temptalia.com introduced the publishing of their “Dupe Listing,” a continuously up to date and neighborhood contribution-run checklist of drugstore make-up alternate options (seen under, proper).

Dupe (Magnificence Slang) | Know Your Meme Temptalia.com The Dupe List SITE NEWS MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MARS the Brand Product Bing Ahoy There! Aquadisiac Guacamole Carbon Coppering Electric Eel Gesso Illegal Cargo Jest Parrot Parrot Shore Leave Shroom Orgasm Product Type Lipstick Lipstick Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Blush dupe list MAC MAC Jane Milani Milani Milani Brand NYX NYX MAC Milani Cargo Lancome MAC NYX Milani Product Cyber Angel Millionaire Limbo Lime Black Flare CHRISTINE | UPDATED: JUNE 28, 2010 Irises White Shale Peachy Pink Aegean Excursion Phloof Frosted Flakes Luminous Product Type Lipstick Lipstick Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Blush TEMPTALIA.COM LAUNCHES THE DUPE LIST! Similarity? 90 90 90 95 100 95 90 95 95 95 90 95 80 90 95 In the next week or so, we'll be launching the official Foundation Matrix in its entirety (as it has gone through numerous versions, revisions, etc., we have been working on a master copy since we first announced it). Now that that project has proved to be such a valueable resource, we want to work on The Dupe List! I invite the beauty community to help us help everyone by creating a comprehensive list of product dupes. The goal here is to create a reference where people can find dupes for discontinued/limited edition products, more affordable alternatives, or simply keep from buying the same shade unknowingly. Thank you in advance for your contributions! Font Material property


On Might 14th, 2016, BuzzFeed tweeted a couple of “dupe” for Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, gathering over 1,000 likes in over six years (seen under, left). On October twenty fourth, 2016, Twitter person @glowkit posted a meme about Jeffree Star’s make-up line, gathering over 5,000 likes in six years (seen under, proper).

BuzzFeed @BuzzFeed This blogger found that Kylie's $29 lip kit formula is identical to a $6 dupe bzfd.it/1TPunEt $29 6:31 PM May 14, 2016 we aron n HOLEST anon w 302 Retweets 1,313 Likes $6 @thelipswatch ... Lipstick Nose Skin Lip Eyebrow Mouth Eyelash Product Lipstick Organ Purple Cosmetics Jaw Gesture Eye liner Violet Finger Pink Nail Line Nail care Magenta Font Material property Eye shadow Tints and shades Thumb MAKEUP @glowkit The dupe we've all been waiting for Jeffree Star insta:little__fan 2h ago Jeffree star highlight $29.00 2:57 PM Oct 24, 2016 #2 pencil $1 #Halloween #BlackHighlighter DUPE ALERT! 2,564 Retweets 122 Quote Tweets 5,007 Likes ... Organism Gesture Font Adaptation

YouTubers continued to make content material about magnificence and make-up “dupes” within the 2010s, with YouTube Tati posting a video titled, “DUPES – DUPES – DUPES !!! – Tati (GlamLifeGuru)” on July eleventh, 2016, and gathering over 1 million views in six years (seen under, left). On September thirteenth, 2016, YouTuber Laura Lee posted a video titled, “Low-cost Dupes for Highend Make-up Tutorial | Laura Lee,” and gathered over 1 million views in six years (seen under, proper).

On Might sixteenth, 2019, Twitter person @Nick_LGrant posted a video about utilizing a cheese grater as a “dupe” for walnut face scrubs, provided that walnut scrubs are well known as overly abrasive in magnificence communities. The tweet gathered over 10,000 likes in three years (seen under).

In response to a June 2022 report by Suppose With Google, searches for the phrase “dupe” rose by over 40 % yearly within the 2010s (seen under, left). A June tenth article by Yahoo Finance lists the highest searched “dupes” on Google ranked by month (seen under, proper).

Searches for dupe have grown globally by over 40% year over year. TOP SEARCHES INCLUDE: cloud couch dupe airwrap dupe Rectangle Font yahoo!finance Search for news, symbols or companies a f Here, the top beauty and personal care product dupes sought out by U.S. customers, ranked by monthly Google search volume of search keywords. 1. Clinique Black Honey dupe (Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey): 16,200 2. Dyson Airwrap dupe (Dyson Airwrap): 14,800 3. Olaplex dupe (Olaplex): 5,400 4. Candy K dupe (Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Matte Lip Kit): 3,800 5. Bum Bum Cream dupes (Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream): 3,800 6. Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand dupe (Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand): 3,600 7. Beauty blender dupe (Beautyblender Original Beautyblender Makeup Sponge): 3,600 8. Dupe for Replica Lazy Sunday Morning (Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning): 2,600 9. Artis Brush dupe (Artis brushes): 2,400 10. MAC Fix Plus dupe (MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+): 1,900 Font

“X Dupe / X Doop” TikTok Pattern

On December fifteenth, 2022, TikToker @keylimeleah posted a video parodying “x dupe” type content material, gathering over 800,000 performs and 70,000 likes in over a month (seen under, left). On December twenty ninth, 2022, TikToker @taytay_jane posted a video parodying “dupe” content material, gathering over 900,000 performs and 140,000 likes in practically two weeks (seen under, proper).

@keylimeleah ALL IN OUR AMAZON STOREFRONT #dupe #fyp #goal ♬ unique sound – Leah

discovering such good dupes on the little ole thrifty retailer🤣🤣

♬ unique sound – Taylor

In early 2023, TikTokers started to parody “dupe” advertising and marketing by strolling round shops and sarcastically suggesting low-end gadgets as viable “dupes” or “doops” for luxurious merchandise. The earliest identified video of a TikToker collaborating within the pattern was posted by @blythe.desiree on January 2nd, 2023, gathering over 2.9 million performs and 600,000 likes in practically two weeks (seen under, left). On January third, TikToker @kelseylmao posted a video strolling round a retailer recognizing “doops” as effectively, gathering over 900,000 performs and 180,000 likes in practically two weeks (seen under, proper).

@blythe.desiree DOUPÉ #fyp #foryou #doupe #dupe #prada #fendi #gucci #skims #ysl #charlottetilbury #balenciaga ♬ unique sound – blythe
@kelseylmao RUN don’t stroll 🤩 #goal #dupe ♬ unique sound – Kelsey😈

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@oliviarreiter #dupe #duped #dupeera ♬ unique sound – olivia
@swagshady SPRINTTTT to your native goal for a #targetdupe 🥰🥰 these #dupes ♬ unique sound – shitney
@michelleeumnzr EL SALVADOR DUPE 🗣 #fyp #elsalvador ♬ unique sound – michelle
@zoey23.19 Half 1 #pradadupe #walmart #buckermart #dupe @kenzie.mcmillin @mc swaggy ♬ unique sound – Zoey

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